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Ryan P. Rech, CRPC®

Ryan P. Rech, CRPC®

President - Financial Advisor

Hi and welcome to our firm! My name is Ryan Rech and I am the founder of Breakwater Wealth Management. 

I started in finance while attending college at the University of North Florida studying biology with plans to work in the medical field. Little did I know at the time where that path would lead me to, being a financial advisor, which has become my passion that I absolutely love doing.

Growing up in a small town in upstate NY, I always had an interest in finance and investing, even at a young age. I can still remember opening up my first “Moola Moola” account with my local bank after starting my first job as the local paper boy. I've worked since the day I could get my workers permit and earning money at a young age led to an interest in learning more about savings and investing. Those are lessons which I would later learn built a strong foundation into my future passion and career. 

After spending nearly 15 years working with large, global firms you are likely familiar with, I founded Breakwater Wealth Management in 2015. I made the decision to start Breakwater Wealth Management after seeing a continued focus on what’s best for the firm and not so much the client. In this business, relationships matter and when your clients are successful, so are you. By being able to eliminate the focus of preferred products and sales quotas, my focus is on where it should be, and that's the success of my clients.

This industry likes to make things more complex than they need to be. I work to help my clients break down that complexity and understand the what, why and how to their financial decisions so they can focus on what’s important to them: their families, their lives and doing the things that make them happy. With over 2 decades of experience, my goal is to share the knowledge and experience that I have obtained over the years to help our clients work towards their financial goals and aspirations and more importantly, feel strong about the future ahead.

Markets go up and markets go down and our lives carry on. By building a strong foundation and plan, the ebbs and flows that come along the way become simply a piece of the puzzle to your long-term goals. 

CRPC® conferred by College for Financial Planning.